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Arkansas Tennis Specialty License Plates




The Arkansas Specialty license plates have arrived in Arkansas Revenue Offices statewide. You may transfer your current plate or renew your license plate to the new Arkansas Tennis Association specialty license plate now.

Your support of the Arkansas Tennis Association license plate helps local communities in Arkansas rehabilitate their community tennis courts.

Is it time to renew your current license plate or within 60 days of renewal??

You can renew your license at your local Revenue Office today. The total fees will depend on the normal registration fee for your vehicle plus the additional $35.00 specialty plate fee (design use fee and administrative fee).


Don’t want to wait until your current license plate expires??

There are 2 different options for transferring to the Tennis license plate.


Option 1 – If the applicant’s existing plate is current, it may be replaced and will keep the same expiration date as the plate being replaced. Applicants will get the entire benefit of the full year registration fee paid for the plate being replaced; however, since the expiration date will remain the same, they will not get a full year’s benefit of the $25.00 or the $10.00 special fee. When renewing, the applicant will be required to pay both additional fees again.

Fees for obtaining the plate using Option 1 are as follow:

          Design use fee                                     $25.00

          Fee for replacement of regular tag       $1.00

          Administrative fee                                 $10.00

          Postage fee if by mail                           $1.25    (or if in person .25¢)

          Total fees                                              $37.25 ( if by mail, or if in person $36.25)


Option 2 – The applicant may request to pay the normal full registration fee for the vehicle and begin with a full year’s registration. With this option, the applicant will get the full benefit of the additional $25.00 design use fee and the $10.00 administrative fee; however, no credit will be given for the time remaining on the plate being replaced.

Fees for obtaining the plate using Option 2 are as follows:

          Design use fee                                   $25.00

          Validation decal fee                            $2.50 (Administrative fee $10.00)

          Postage fee                                        $1.25 (if by mail, or if in person .25¢)

          Registration fee will be                       $17.00, $21.00, $25.00 or $30.00**


**Total fees depend on the normal registration fee for the vehicle & postage fees.


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