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USTA Arkansas is here to help every Tennis coach in the state. High school tennis is a critical piece to the growth of tennis, so we want every program to be successful.

USTA Arkansas hosts two on-court coaching clinics during the year. Below is a list of additional resources to help coaches provide a meaningful experience for their players.



  • Sign up today and get access to Practice Plans, Drills, Coaching material, and so much more! Net Generation’s mission is to spread the love of tennis to a new generation, by empowering those that will teach them. Coach, organizers and teachers and gain access to the expertise of the USTA as the work with leading class experts worldwide to develop new play formats, curricula, and digital tools.
  • Click the Net Generation link above to access some great at home or in practice drills!


 No-cut Tennis Teams 

  • Allows students of all abilities to be a member of a team representing their school.
  • Creates well-rounded student athletes, develops leadership and teaches responsibility.
  • A positive experience on a no-cut team encourages students to participate in tennis beyond high school.
  • No-cut coaches are eligible for Sectional and National awards.

Please feel free to reach out to our office if you have any questions, comments, recommendations, etc. USTA Arkansas is here to help every coach! 501-227-7611 -  tennis@arktennis.com  


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