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2023 JTT State Championships

2023 Junior Team Tennis State Championships


Congratulations to all our winners who competed in this year's Junior Team Tennis State Championships!

Our first championship was July 29-30 at Burns Park Tennis Center in North Little Rock. A total of 41 teams from around the state came to compete in this fun event! Below is a list of our winners--

10U Beginner:

1st Place - Benton Blasters/Ewersmann/LR                2nd Place - CCLR/Simon/LR

363847700_758975772896696_2002631204251088662_n_(1)      362643908_758973166230290_1555596485403325898_n_(1)

10U Intermediate:

1st Place - KTC/Ransom/NWA


2nd Place - Matrix Stars/Boswell/NWA


12U Beginner:

1st Place - Conway Court Crushers/Davis/CW      2nd Place - Burns Park/Hamner/LR

362287365_758973376230269_6609925372809102788_n_(1)     362262501_758975782896695_412300768863995217_n_(1)

12U Intermediate:

1st Place - SVCC/Kehrli/NWA                                 2nd Place - Conway Team 2/Young-Sykes/CW

362935829_758973292896944_1471104398873012379_n_(1)    362271178_758973352896938_5434200667651591769_n

14U Intermediate:

1st Place - WATA Team 1/Adams-Eads/FS           2nd Place - Conway Heat Strokes/Robinson/CW

362264691_758973329563607_4807774770902097403_n_(1)    363349502_758973216230285_6708957032288365154_n

18U Intermediate:

1st Place - Hard Aces/Lemieux/CW                       2nd Place - Burns Park/Nick/LR

362922136_758973229563617_3945541412432837882_n_(1)    362272104_758973272896946_4783280824150588460_n

The second championship was August 12-13 at Creekmore Tennis Center in Fort Smith. This state championship is part of the new USTA Southern Junior Team Tennis League. The winners of this tournament will be heading to compete in the sectional championships, held in Mobile, AL from September 2-4. See below for the winners--

12U Advanced:

1st Place - SVCC/Wheeler/NWA                             2nd Place - Burns Park/Young-Sykes/LR

368221329_769092081885065_384415911747966706_n_(1)    368021273_769092488551691_2353036455810544123_n

14U Intermediate:

1st Place - WATA Team/Adams-Eads/FS               2nd Place - The 'Rizzlers/Lenderman/CW

366669165_769090918551848_1904340164353362218_n_(1)    366375519_769088788552061_1740019429787682148_n

18U Intermediate:

1st Place - Hard Aces/Lemieux/CW                       2nd Place - Kickin' Aces/Calhoun/CW

368017034_769093758551564_6745786993128669484_n_(1)    368054962_769092155218391_4398456602430481697_n

Congratulations to all of the teams!





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