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TJ Saniseng - HEAD Penn Racquet Sports Promotion Winner


TJ Saniseg was chosen to recieve the HEAD Penn Racquet Sports special promotion of their Speed racquets for JTT players!

He has chosen based on his dedication to tennis, as well as his kind personality and love for the game. 

Below are the answeres given when asked why TJ deserved this award.


What Characteristics does this player have that make him a role model for JTT:  TJ Saniseng is kind, a hard worker, and loves tennis. He is always willing to help teammates, opponents, and his coach. His coach gives him free lessons in exchange for his help with camps and other lessons. This summer he is conducting camps from 8am to 4pm for kids ages 8-18 and beginner adults from 6:30-8pm. He never asks to be paid for his help. He always puts up  the baskets, balls, and water jugs. He makes sure no balls are left on the court or outside the fences and stays there until his coach gets in her car. (Side Note: His coach his a woman named Dee Cox and she is 76 years old.) He never complains and everyone loves him!


Examples of Sportsmanship: TJ is always a positive role model on the court. His coach has never once seen him get mad, upset, or say anything ugly. He is always kind to everyone and is always laughing. On one occasion, TJ had been teaching tennis for 6 hours and had a JTT match scheduled that evening. His opponent needed to get an additional match in for qualifying purposes and TJ was willing to play a 2nd match after 8pm to help the other player out. TJ never once complained and said “I’ll Try”. He smiled the entire match. He is always willing to play tennis regardless of skill level. When he plays opponents who are not as good, he tells them he will help them get better and has even offered to hit with them afterward.


Why do you feel this player deserves the promotion: TJ comes from a wonderful family of tennis players. TJ is a bright, happy, young tennis player that truly deserves this wonderful opportunity. I think it would be something he would never forget and would only encourage his giving spirit.


We are very proud of TJ and can't wait to see him continue to play in the future with his new gear! IMG_7777IMG_7780IMG_7779IMG_7781





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