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USTA Section Quota Lists

Annually, the USTA National Junior Tournament Schedule has four (4) Level 1 Championships that use Section Quota as a factor within the player acceptance process. The details of the player acceptance process for each Level 1 Championship can be found here. Beginning in 2022, Section Quota Lists will be published monthly on the USTA Ranking Page as described in USTA Junior Tournament Regulation VIII.H.5.e. Click here for the list of quota for 2023 USTA National Championships by section. Click here for a full explanation of quota lists.



JULY 27-30, 2023

USTA Southern has approved a New Level 4 Team Championship for the Boys and Girls 12s and 14s on July 27-30 2023, to replace on the Southern Junior Tournament calendar the “Level 2 National Zonal Event “ that was cancelled for 2023.

This new event will be closed to Southern Players only. 24 girls and boys will be selected into the 12s and 14s and waterfalled into 4 teams of six girls and six boys. Exciting that Each Team (8) will have a Coach and will be able to coach during change overs.

Selection will be by USTA Standings from the July 5th published list. Deadline is July 9th. Waterfall will be done by USTA Standings list published July 19th, 2023.

Format is round robin. Everyone will play 3 singles and 3 doubles (1 Mixed). Scoring - 2 out of 3 sets - with match tie break in lieu of third set. Doubles will be 8 game pro set, no ad.

Thursday July 27th Mandatory Meet and Greet your team and coach at 3PM. At 4pm first round of Doubles begin. Pizza Party Thursday night after the doubles play.



Click here for more information regarding Southern/National Junior Tournaments.

Still have questions? Reach out to Jared at juniortennis@arktennis.com or call at (501) 227-7611.


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