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A USTA Team Challenge is an introduction to tennis competition offering a low-pressure team environment for children of all ages to develop their skills through level-based play, without an emphasis on instruction or results. This turnkey program offers many benefits for new youth tennis players as well as great resources for providers! This Net Generation experience is for red, orange, and green ball players.


USTA Team Challenge is designed to be delivered as a single event or a series of up to six events, with the objective of providing a fun and social environment that highlights character and skill development, and it is a fantastic way to introduce a lifelong love of the game from the very first play opportunity! Participants are expected to at least drop hit serve from the service line over the net and sustain a modified rally which can be rolling, trapping, bumping, or hitting.


Note: 10 & Under players who are in the Net Generation PlayTracker will receive “play points” for participating in a USTA Team Challenge.



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Interested in running a Team Challenge event? Or just general questions about the program? Click here for information on how to set up an event, or you can contact Jared Compton at juniortennis@arktennis.com, or call at (501) 227-7611 for more information.


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