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NTRP Appeal Process


The non-medical NTRP rating appeal process is now fully automated.

You may appeal your rating prior to joining a USTA league team. The appeal is based upon your year end rating.

USTA National Rule: Players who participated in any 2010 adult and/or senior Mid season, state, sectional or national championships are benchmarked player’s with a B rating. These players are not  eligible to appeal their rating in 2011.

Follow the instructions below to complete the process via the internet:

  1. Go to http://tennislink.usta.com/leagues
  2. In the column on the right side of the Tennis Link page, under the heading "League Players", click on "Find a Rating".
  3. Enter your USTA # in the box and click "go".
  4. A page with rating information appears. A blue link that says "Appeal Rating" appears at the end of the line containing your rating information. Click on that link.
  5. Enter the zip code of the player in the box. Please note that the zip code is the same as the information on file in the Tennis Link database, so if your information is not correct in Tennis Link, you may receive an error. (Just make sure all your Tennis Link information is correct and everything will be fine.)
  6. You need to select 2 buttons in this step. The first is whether you want your rating to go UP or go DOWN.
  7. You may appeal your rating only once during the year. So if you appeal to go up or down, and it is granted you may not appeal again during the year.
  8. The second button is whether you are the player or the captain. If you are the captain, you will need to type in your USTA #.
  9. Click submit once you have made your choices.
  10. The appeal is instantly granted or denied and the result appears on the screen. If you wish to e-mail the results to someone (say, for example, your captain has asked you to appeal your rating, you may forward the results to him or her.) The e-mail contains the same information that appears on your results screen.


Please contact your local league coordinator or Arkansas USTA League Office @ 501-227-7611


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