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2012 NTRP Year-End Ratings Now Available

To find out your rating CLICK HERE.
To file an automatic appeal:
  1. Go to www.arktennis.com
  2. Click on TennisLink under the left side of the page.
  3. Click on Login to your USTA Account.
  4. Enter your USTA # and Password and click LOGIN.
  5. Click on Appeal Rating Level under your NTRP Level on the right side of the screen (Beside Welcome! Your Name).
  6. Follow the instructions given.
  7. You will have an immediate answer as to whether your appeal was granted or denied.

Ratings Reminders:
  1. Players who received a Benchmark rating (B) from participation in State, Section or National Championships cannot appeal their ratings for 1 year.
  2. Players who received a Benchmark Rating (B) from participation in Local Playoffs can appeal their ratings.
  3. Ratings are not calculated based on win/loss records. They are calculated based on you, your partner and your opponents’ ratings and the score of the matches.
  4. Playing up a level, even if you lose, can get you bumped up.
  5. Combo, Singles, Super Senior (70s), Tri-Level League and NTRP Tournament matches are not used to calculate ratings.
  6. Mixed Doubles League matches are only used to calculate ratings if you did not play enough qualifying matches in the Adult, Senior or Super Senior (60s) Leagues.
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