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2017 Interim State Championship

Many teams participated across the state all summer in the 2017 Interim league. This league is designed to give players an opportunity to play other opponents that they may not have had the opportunity to face off with in the Spring League. Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Interim State Championship! All the winners from each division are listed below! 

18 & Over

2.75 Women– Cook/Wooldridge/LR/LRAC

3.25 Women – Boen-Womack/Fayetteville/FAC

3.75 Women – Cissell/JB

4.25 Women – Robinson/LR/LRRC


40 & Over

3.25 Women – Braunfish/LR/CCLR

3.75 Women – Benford/Springdale/HRA




For more pictures from the 2017 Interim State Championship, please click here. 




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