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2017 Junior Team Tennis State Championship


2017 Junior Team Tennis State Championship20139885_10154985679598049_6628747136140263799_n

63 teams came out this past weekend and played hard in a chance to claim the title of state championships! Listed below are the winners and finalist of each division

Team Spirit Winners: The Burns Park Butterflies & The Sweet Shots

Sportsmanship Winners

8 and Under

Brooks Johnston (Batchelor Super Shots)

10 and Under

Endy McGalliard (Searcy Smash)

Ella McEntire (Hot Shots)

14 and Under

Christian Leach (Texarkana Team 2)

Sam Midkiff (Van Buren)

18 and Under

Trevarius Harris (Conway-Henderson)

Hailey Ellzey (Greenbrier Panthers-Beg.)

Jaxon Groves-Scott (Greenbrier Panthers –Int.) 


Junior Team Tennis Track

8 & Under

Champion: LRAC Red

Finalist: LRAC Blue Eagles


10 & Under (Beginner)

Champion: JCC Orange Ballers (Jones)

Finalist: Searcy Smash


10 & Under (Intermediate)

Champion: FAC (Menendez)

Finalist: JCC Orange Ballers (Hyneman/McPike)


12 & Under (Beginner)

Champion: HCC (Albertson)

Finalist: HCC (Richmond)


12 & Under (Intermediate)

Champion: JCC Green Ballers (McDaniel)

Finalist: Mercy (Carlisle)


18 & Under (Beginner)

Champion: Searcy

Finalist: River Valley Slammers


18 & Under (Intermediate)

Champion: Batchelor Acers

Finalist: Ulmschneider


Championship Track


10 & Under (Intermediate)

Champion: Burns Park Wolverines

Finalist: Texarkana


12 & Under (Intermediate)

Champion: Texarkana Team 1

Finalist: Batchelor Top Spinners


14 & Under (Intermediate)

Champion: Texarkana Team 1

Finalist: Batchelor Acers


18 & Under (Advanced)

Champion: FSAC

Finalist: Conway


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