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2017 Year End Rankings

2017 Tentative Adult and Junior Final Year End Rankings!



2017 Final Women's Singles Year End Rankings

2017 Final Women's Doubles Year End Rankings

2017 Final Men's Singles Year End Rankings

2017 Final Men's Doubles Year End Rankings

2017 Final Mixed Doubles Year End Rankings


2017 Final Junior Year End Rankings

L5 Ineligible List (Boys)

L5 Ineligible List (Girls)


***The top 10 players (2017 Final AR Year End Rankings) in the Boys & Girls 12s-18s combined rankings will be receiving a polar fleece pullover in recognition of this achievement!  These pullovers are being provided by The Friends of Arkansas Tennis Foundation.

In an effort to get the correct sizes ordered, we are asking the top 10 players (BG 12s – 18s) to send their size requests to Kord Stuffelbeam, kord@arktennis.com , no later than February 17th.

Have questions about Rankings? Call our office at 501-227-7611. 




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