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2021 Polar Bear Junior Classic


USTA Arkansas congratulates the Arkansas players who finished well in the Level 5 Open – Polar Bear Junior Classic from this past weekend, March 6-8, 2021.  Players from all over the country came to Little Rock to compete in this tournament.  A total of 14 states were represented.  Congratulations to all!



Girls 12U Singles

Avery McPike (Jonesboro, AR) – 4th Place

Lily Watson (Fayetteville, AR) – Consolation Finalist

Elise Nunn (Rogers, AR) – Consolation Semi-Finalist


Girls 12U Doubles

Avery McPike (Jonesboro, AR) &

Kate Calhoon (Jonesboro, AR) – 1st Place

Anna Kay Johnston (Little Rock, AR) &

Lily Watson (Fayetteville, AR) – 2nd Place

Janice Yao (Little Rock, AR) &

Sydney Turner (Fayetteville, AR) – 3rd Place


Boys 12U Doubles

Logan McCallum (Little Rock, AR) &

Ethan Gong (Little Rock, AR) – 4th Place


Girls 14U Singles

Stella de Vera (Rogers, AR) – Consolation Finalist

Glennah Langford (Cave Springs, AR) – Consolation Semi-Finalist

Kaelyn Le (Bentonville, AR) – Consolation Semi-Finalist


Girls 14U Doubles

Kavya Kurichety (Rogers, AR) &

Stella de Vera (Rogers, AR) – 1st Place


Boys 14U Singles

Theo Hegarty (Fayetteville, AR) – 4th Place


Girls 16U Singles

Leena Cashman (Fayetteville, AR) – 3rd Place

Cate Cole (Fort Smith, AR) – 4th Place

Naya Kessman (Fayetteville, AR) – Consolation Semi-Finalist


Girls 16U Doubles

Naya Kessman (Fayetteville, AR) &

Cate Cole (Fort Smith, AR) – 2nd Place

Leena Cashman (Fayetteville, AR) &

Caroline Lasley (Little Rock, AR) – 4th Place


Boys 16U Singles

Jonah Becker (Little Rock, AR) – Consolation Finalist

Ethan Richardson (Jonesboro, AR) –Consolation Finalist

Carter Swope (Rogers, AR) – Consolation Semi-Finalist


Boys 16U Doubles

Spencer Holloway (Fayetteville, AR) &

Carter Swope (Rogers, AR) – 3rd Place


Girls 18U Singles

Cassie Cervantes (Bentonville, AR) – Consolation Finalist

Katherine Files (Fort Smith, AR) – Consolation Semi-Finalist


Girls 18U Doubles

Cassie Cervantes (Bentonville, AR) &

Katherine Files (Fort Smith, AR) – 1st Place


Boys 18U Singles

Jake Maxson (Little Rock, AR) – 2nd Place

Evan Edwards (Fayetteville, AR) – 4th Place


Boys 18U Doubles

Jake Maxon (Little Rock, AR) &

Wesley McClure (Little Rock, AR) – 1st Place

Evan Edwards (Fayetteville, AR) &

Carter Fayard (New Orleans, LA) – 2nd Place






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