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Champions Off the Court - Bradley Heird


"Tennis has made me a better person. It has made me more patience and more kind," answered Bradley Heird when asked why he love the sport of tennis. Not only does the sport of tennis make him patient, but so does his career. Bradley has served the Little Rock area for a few years. He first started his career at Arkansas Children's Hospital and now works at the Arkansas Otolaryngology Surgery Center.IMG_0333

Many people say that if you love your job, then it’s not a job. Bradley lives by this motto and sticks closely to the idea of being less selfish and more self-less as he goes about his day as a nurse. When asked what makes his job the hardest, he explained how taking a patient back for a surgery or treatment can be scary for them. Although he cannot always keep them from being scared, he tries to brighten their day. Bradley explained that the most rewarding part of his job is seeing patients in recovery. 

In his free time, Bradley also serves on the alumni board at Ouachita Baptist University. He helps the board raise money for students needing it in order to stay in school at this university. 

George, Bradley's Father-In-Law, introduced Bradley to the sport of tennis about a year and a half ago. Bradley expressed his love for the sport and his career of being a nurse when explaining how just like medicine, the more you practice it, the better you get at it. One of his favorite aspects of this sport is the community of tennis players and the friends he has made because of this sport. 

USTA Arkansas is very proud of Bradley for all of his hard work that he has done in the community to make a difference! We would like to thank Bradley for being a Champion on and off the court! Do you know someone making a difference in the community? Submit their name and story by clicking here!




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