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Champions Off the Court - Charlee Hinton

Playing tennis is a great way to improve your physical health without realizing you are working out. About five years ago, Charlee Hinton took up the sport of tennis for that very reason. But little did she know, in the year of 2014, the sport would become her way to relieve stress, to clear her mind, and just play the fun, competitive sport of tennis.charlee_Hinton

April of 2014, Charlee's husband was diagnosed with Brain Cancer. During this process, Charlee realized that there needed to be more research done about how to treat this type of cancer and she decided to make a difference. She made it her goal to raise $1,000 for research. Using start up sites and social media, Charlee was able to raise $5,000. She soon realized how much of a difference she could make and decided to take this a few steps farther. Today, Charlee and a few others are founders of team #NotToday non-profit. An organization devoted to raising awareness and funds for the Duke Medical Brain Tumor Center. This organization invites runners to join them in the Little Rock Marathon to raise funds for the organization while wearing shirts that help spread awareness about Brain Cancer. 

When Charlee is not working with Team #NotToday, she serves as an owner of the Little Rock Escape Room and a Spanish Professor at the University of Central Arkansas. "I play tennis to keep me sane and give me a way to clear my head," Charlee explained as she mentions why she keeps playing tennis today. 

While talking with Charlee, she expressed how thankful she is for everyone who has helped raise awareness and make this organization what it is today and what it will be in the future. Charlee wanted to especially thank her co-founder of Team #NotToday, Jill Matthews, for being so ambitious and passionate about raising awareness and funds for Brain Cancer. This year, Charlee hopes to have over 100 runners join them in the Little Rock Marathon on Team #NotToday to raise awareness and funds to help farther the research of Brain Cancer. To find out more information on this organization, you can request to be a part of their Team #NotToday facebook group. 

USTA Arkansas is very proud of Charlee for all of her hard work that she has done in the community to make a difference! We would like to thank Charlee for being a Champion on and off of the court! Do you know someone making a difference in the community? Submit their name and story by clicking here!




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