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Rally Cats In Arkansas

Rally Cats is a 4-6 week program ideal for Park and Recreation Departments who are interested in offering a youth tennis program for beginners. This program is designed for kids, ages 4-10, utilizing the 10 and under tennis format (Smaller courts/modified equipment).

In North West Arkansas, Rally Cats has been a hit! Springdale Parks and Recreation hosted Rally Cats in September and October for 6 weeks on Sunday Afternoons. This program had 60 participants. Mount Sequoyah Tennis Academy also hosted a Rally Cats. This program was held on Saturday mornings in October for 4 weeks. 

This beginner youth program has lit the flame of passion for tennis in many young tennis players across the state of arkansas. If you are looking for a program for your child, or wanting more information on how to host a rally cats, please click here!





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