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Team AR Wins Silver Division at 2012 Southern Junior Cup

Team Arkansas
Southern Jr. Cup 14-18s
Southern Jr. Cup 12s
Eighteen top juniors from Arkansas (14-18 years old)
competed in the 2012 Southern Junior Cup
September 21-23 in Lupton, TN where they took
home their first silver. The players had a remarkable
experience in addition to the amazing accomplishment
of winning the Silver Division.
Southern Junior Cup is different than any other
 tournament, because the players are working
as a team and not playing as individuals. 
“I like Southern Junior Cup because of the team aspect.
The team was very close this year… I dove for a ball
and inured myself, but that was okay because I knew
it was for my team. I wouldn’t have done that at any
other tournament except for this one,” said Jake Jacoby
Pulaski Academy junior.  During Jacoby’s match against
Georgia “everyone was cheering for me and I was able
to get coached on court which was cool and different as well.”  
Senior from Lakeside, Mary Wright, added “I enjoy Southern Junior Cup because we are usually competing against one another as the top players in Arkansas.   This gives us the opportunity to come together and play as a team while developing friendships in the meantime. We focus on helping each other instead of an individual.”
The Southern Junior Cup 12s tournament was held September 14-16. Our Arkansas players did a fantastic job for each of their teams in the waterfall format. Congratulations to our Team AR 12s!
Team members for Arkansas included:
Boys 12s
Wesley Barnett
Jake Bridges
Brandon Lupinek
Girls 12s
Maddie McKee
Thea Rice
Hunter Roper
Boys 14s
Hunter Harrison
Max Mendelsohn
Marshall Smith Ney
Girls 14s
Alye Darter
Tatum Rice
Katherine Tang
Boys 16s
Trent Brandon
Jake Jacoby
Christian Mathis
Girls 16s
Jackie Carr
Emily Metcalf
Annie Tarwater
Boys 18s
Taylor Cramer
Cole Guy
Julio Olaya
Girls 18s
Tiffany Tang
Katelyn Jackson
Mary Wright
14s - 18s Coaches: Travis Johnson & Manuel Cervantes
12s Coach: John Meincke



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