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Thank you 2020 Captains



Thank you to the following 13 Captains who captained the most teams in 2020!

Together they captained a total of 106 teams! We are so thankful to have such great Captains. Thank you!


Tay Sisoukrath- 9 Teams

John Vargo- 9 Teams

Jared Compton- 9 Teams

Teresa Williams- 9 Teams

Jim Turley- 9 Teams

MJ Schutz- 8 Teams

Buffy Carter- 8 Teams

Cynthia Fish- 8 Teams

Patrick Malone- 8 Teams

Lee Mesaris- 8 Teams

Holly Anzalone- 7 Teams

Shelley Cissell- 7 Teams

Dena Wenzler- 7 Teams


Thank you, Captains!






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