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Becoming an Official 

1. Be a USTA member.

2. Request a Nucula Account if you do not have one.  Once the USTA Officiating Department verifies the requirements to become a certified Official have been met and the Section Chairperson approves the account, an email will be sent with the user's log in information.

3. Complete online SafePlay Training, which includes passing a criminal background check. If you are under 18, please click here to request a background screening waiver.

4. Complete the introduction to Officiating, Rules and Regulations 1-3 and Level One Roving Umpire courses. Click here for those courses.

5. Submit a physician's or optometrist's statement attesting that the Official has 20/20 vision either corrected or uncorrected in each eye. You will submit this to officiating@usta.com.


Questions regarding Nucula can be answered by contacting the USTA Officiating Department. 

Have more questions? You can email Jason Lyon for your answers! 



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