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Fun, safe, easy, no courts required!

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USTA School Tennis provides in-school and extracurricular programming for students in grades K-12. The primary goals of the program are a positive first-time experience, perceived competence, fun, and fitness. Another important element is to help schools meet their health and wellness requirements. The program offers training, curriculum materials, access to major discounts on kid-friendly equipment and staff support.


  • Free in-person and virtual workshops designed to show physical educators and extracurricular program leaders how to conduct a quality tennis unit and activities for a Kids Tennis Club.
  • The workshop also includes class management techniques, basic tennis skills, station activities, supervised play formats, and Tennis Skillastics activities.
  • Workshop attendees will receive a certificate of attendance and a participant guide.
  • The School/After school tennis workshop meets school district requirements for continuing education credits.


  • Lesson plans under Net Generation were co-created by the USTA and SHAPE America, every activity within every single lesson meets SHAPE America National Standards and Grade Level Outcomes for K-12 Physical Education.
  • The easy-to-follow teaching tools make it easy to teach and play tennis in all school settings.
  • Easily accessible manuals help teachers guide students at every stage of development.

Net Generation is for EVERYONE! 

  • Parents: Manage your child's tennis journey, find programs and USTA Verified coaches, and discover fun new ways to play when you create an account.
  • Players: Over 13? Create your own account to access cool content, the Net Generation Mobile App, and engage with programs.
  • Providers: The future of tennis is in your hands. For coaches, organizers, volunteers, and teachers, get access to tools to grow your business or program, connect with players, and get a free world-class curriculum and equipment. *Restrictions apply

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