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The Tennis Apprentice is a USTA Arkansas program designed for adult beginners. No need to be embarrassed about not knowing anything about tennis!

Tennis Apprentice offers adult beginners 8 weeks of fast paced instruction equipping them with the skills needed to play tennis matches in USTA leagues. All that’s required is an interest and commitment to learn!


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Only a $60.00 registration fee per person, which includes: 

· USTA Membership  

· 4 Weeks of Group Instruction & Coaching from Experienced Professional

· 4 Weeks of Match Play supervised with an Experienced League Player

·  Tennis Racquet

·  Player Party / Tournament


The Tennis Apprentice program is only open for new participants. Only in certain situations do we allow repeat participation. Previous participants please contact Kord at kord@arktennis.com for additional tennis opportunities or call 501-227-7611

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Do you have more Tennis Apprentice questions? Contact Kord@arktennis.com



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