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Youth Tennis Progression (YTP) is designed to help players develop their fundamentals and get the most out of tennis. The Youth Progression system rewards 10 AND UNDER kids for competing and inspires them to play more often.

The mission is to clear each level by receiving stars and trophies through competing in tournaments and Junior Team Tennis. Children need a total of 20 stars and/or trophies to progress to the next level.

The levels are broken down into two different sections:

Orange Level 1 > Green Level 1

Once the child has collected 20 stars and/or trophies within each level, or they turn the age of 11, then they have completed the Youth Progression.

Taking time and going through the YTP levels will give children more opportunities for success as they are in the beginning stages of the development of their game. The modified equipment and courts allow the kids to work on the fundamentals of tennis that most 10 and under players could not do playing on a full-size court with regular balls. Youth Tennis Progression is designed to be the building blocks for juniors as they move up the ranks year after year.

At this time, 10 & Under doubles does not count towards receiving any stars/trophies. Only singles will count towards their player progression.



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Youth Tennis Progression “Tagged” Tournaments

Example of tournament home page below



      Match Point Winter Junior Open/Novice AR 4 & 5 (10U Green, Orange 1)screenshot_(3)_(002)


“Match Point Winter Junior Open/Novice AR 4 & 5 (10U Green, Orange 1)” is the name of the tournament and the portion in parentheses indicates that this tournament is “tagged” for Youth Tennis Progression, and your child will receive stars/trophies for playing.


Tournament ID:



Skill Level:
Entry Level

February 22-23, 2020

Level 4 Boys' & Girls' Singles: 78' Yellow Ball 12-18 (FICQ)

Level 4 Boys' & Girls' Doubles: 78' Yellow Ball 12-18 (SE)

Orange Level 1 Boys' & Girls' 10 and Under Singles: 60' Orange Ball 10 (FICQ)

Level 5 Boys' & Girls' Singles: 78' Green Ball 12 ,78' Yellow Ball 14-18 (FICQ)

Level 4 Boys' & Girls' 10 and Under Doubles: 60' Orange Ball 10 (SE)

Green Level 1 Boys' & Girls' 10 and Under Singles: 78' Green Ball 10 (FICQ)

Level 3 Boys' & Girls' 10 and Under Doubles: 78' Green Ball 10 (SE)


The highlighted section shows that this tournament is offering Green Ball and Orange Ball divisions for Youth Tennis Progression, along with what age groups they are for and the play format.


  • “Level 4”, “Level 5” = Skill level of the tournament/division
    • Levels of tournaments are on a scale from 1 to 6, 1 being the highest level of play, 6 being beginner level.
  • 78’ or 60’ = Court Size
  • Orange Ball/Green Ball = What type of ball is used
  • Doubles does not count towards YTP – That is why it is not highlighted in this example
  • (FICQ) = Feed-In Consolation to Quarterfinals
  • (SE) = Single Elimination




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