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Volunteers needed to help with League Tournaments, Junior Team Tennis programs and Tennis Apprentice! Ready to volunteer? Click here.

Volunteer on an USTA Arkansas Committee!

Joining a committee is a great way to stay involved, help make a difference in the tennis community, and give back to the sport we love. Applications will open in Fall 2024 for the 2025-2026 term.

Committee Descriptions

Junior Competitive Tennis Committee:
The Junior Competitive Council shall supervise, plan and/or implement the junior competitive tennis activities under the purview of the ATA. It shall be the reporting body to the Board of Directors on all junior competitive tennis activities.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee:
The Diversity & Inclusion Committee shall be responsible for growing the game through support and engagement with strategic diversity and inclusion initiatives such as increasing representation of emerging market populations on boards, committees, and staff to attract and retain USTA members and players from those populations. It shall be the reporting body to the Board of Directors on all diversity and inclusion activities.

Grievance Committee:
The Grievance Committee shall be responsible for enforcing the Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, all rules and regulations of the ATA, STA, and USTA Standards of good conduct, fair play and good sportsmanship.

Scholarship Committee:
The USTA Arkansas College Scholarship Committee reviews all received scholarship applications and makes decisions for awarding scholarship funds.

Awards Committee:
The Awards Committee is responsible for reviewing all applications submitted and determining the recipients of USTA Arkansas’ annual awards presented at the Hall of Fame & Awards Banquet.

Junior Team Tennis Committee:
The Junior Team Tennis Committee is responsible for overseeing the effort to promote and develop Junior Team Tennis programs across the state. They study and recommend policies and regulations for programs in Arkansas, and interact with the USTA and USTA Southern to ensure compliance with their organizations’ rules, regulations, and procedures regarding Junior Team Tennis. The committee works closely with the CTAs in the state to promote Junior Team Tennis in their area.

Committees & Chairpersons


Gary Jones


Larry Cornett


Jason Lyon

USTA League Tennis

Jenifer Tucker

Junior Competitive Tennis Council

Melissa Johnston

Awards Committee

Amy Pearce

Diversity and Inclusion

Teri Todd

Junior Team Tennis

Brian Pillar 

Scholarship Committee

Judy Jones

Nominating Committee

Judy Jones